Lemme Be – #LemmeRiseWithPride. Campaign with a cause

Lemme Be – #LemmeRiseWithPride. Campaign with a cause

Lemme Be is a menstrual care brand that stands for all wome…correction! It stands for all menstruators. In efforts to actually show support rather than saying it, Lemme Be and Django Digital tied hands to work on a campaign asking the hospitality industry to introduce a gender-neutral washroom. 

Execution : A social-centric campaign where we spoke about how other genders in our society are not taken seriously and how third-gender washrooms should be normalized. The campaign received support from the LGBTQIA+ community and social pages like WeAreYuvaa. A change.org petition was set up, it has been signed by close to 10,000 people. The plea was sent to the high court. Our teams roamed the busy streets of Mumbai in efforts to raise awareness regarding the campaign.

People that joined the movement learned of Lemme Be as a brand and that helped increase Brand Awareness.